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Excellence through Precision and Dedication

Phantom Technology is the invisible force of excellence that drives everything we do. A united team of experts working to ensure the highest standards in all aspects. In order to have the greatest products, the greatest care and attention is taken with every stage of production.




Beginning with premium DFARS compliant material

Precision Machining with Precision Machines

Simultaneous machining


High pressure coolant pumps

Simultaneous machining

Live tooling for milling on main and sub spindle 

Oil chillers to maintain coolant temp for holding tight tolerance parts +/- .0002

50" x 20" x 25" table travel


High-performance Super-Speed vertical machining center

Quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times

12,000-rpm high-speed spindle

Haas- VF 4ss

Citizen L12 VII with FMB Micromag Bar loader

To Engineer the finest mechanical components we've optimized every process.

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Uncompromising Engineering and Manufacturing

Coupled with unparalleled attention to detail

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